Lip augmentation…? Excuse me?

Before everyone throws their hands in the air and goes crazy, I did not get my lips done – or did I?

I didn’t.

I do use a technique that I have seen on various beauty blogs that gives the illusion of fuller lips. This technique is simple, and can be used for everyday or when wearing strong pigmented lipstick.

I don’t use this technique everyday. I normally use it when I’m wearing a bright lipstick and that is usually when I go out for drinks or to a birthday party.

What you will need for this fake lip augmentation:

Lip balm – It is really important that your lips are smooth and moisturised. Chapped lips and lipstick is not attractive. I apply my lip balm about ten minutes before I start, giving it enough time to set into my lips.

Carmex Original Flavour Moisturising Lip Balm Tube

A lip liner – I use a nude lip liner as I end up going over it with the lipstick anyway. It is cost effective and I have too many lipsticks to find the matching lip liner for all of them.

Savvy by DB – Nourishing Lip Liner in Natural

Lip stick – Use any colour you want! For everyday you can use a neutral colour but for going out – be brave and try something fierce!

Savvy by DB – Lipstick in Wine

OK! After you have let your lip balm set in for about ten minutes, you grab your nude lip liner and outline the shape of your lips. Start from the middle and work your way out.

Begin to outline above your real lip line to create a new one with the lip liner. Essentially, you are drawing on new lips. I normally prefer to do just the top.
Once you’re done with the outline, apply your choice of lipstick and you should appear to have fuller lips – surgery free!

One of my favourite beauty blogs is The Beauty Department. They also have instructions on how to create fuller lips and I’ll post the link below for you to check it out!

The Beauty Department – How to make your lips look bigger






Dip Dye

Dip dying has been around for a while now, but mostly I’ve heard of people dip dying their hair. I found on Frankie’s blog a post about dip dying sneakers. They are really cool and it looked relatively easy! So I thought, “oh hey, I’ll give that a go”.

As I was buying what I needed, I was getting more and more nervous about it being more complicated then originally thought.

I was right. As I started, I soon realised I had no idea what to do. Even though there were instructions on the blog post and on the back of the dye, I didn’t have that much time and just thought I’d “wing it”.

Winging it normally doesn’t work out for me but by the time I started, I realised I had to be at my netball game in an hour. So I basically sped up the process and I think it turned out fine…

What do you think?

The tissue is there to protect me from the Vaseline!

The tissue is there to protect me from the Vaseline!

What you need:
– White sneakers,
– Dye (Spotlight and Lincraft),
– Vaseline,
– Baking powder,
– A cloth,
– And an old toothbrush.
Also, you probably want to use an old plastic bowl or container that you will never use or eat from again.

The post from Frankie’s blog!

I have a donut in my hair

There is a trend where by wearing a donut in your hair is cool. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this trend.

But when I find myself being bombarded with assignments and I have no time to wash, dry and style my hair. I find that donuts are not only tasty but add a special touch to your hair.

Of course, I’m not talking about real donuts. I’m talking about hair donuts!
This is a hair donut

It’s simple, easy and can take under five minutes. Firstly, tie your hair in a ponytail, and feed the donut through the ponytail.


Spread your hair around the donut like a waterfall.

Start to tuck your hair under the donut and pin it to keep the hair in place. Work your way around the donut. Making sure you have covered the donut and there are no loose hairs.

For best results, work with hair that has not just been washed. It tends to be slippery and does not have the natural hold that dirty hair has.

Hair Donut from Rubi Shoes – $4.95
Hair Tie Ball from Cotton On Body – $4.95
Redken Forceful 23 from Hairhouse Warehouse

The app I used to edit my photos is called #catwang, it’s good fun.

Have you ever given the hair donut a go? If so, how’d you go?!

When I think about donuts...

this is what comes to mind...

Top ten sites I visit

Basically, I spend a lot of time on the web. I don’t understand where all the time goes and what I’m doing that’s so important. But it’s borderline addiction. So I’ve compiled a list of ten websites I visit on my Internet binge.

1. Facebook –
I’m just putting it out there. I spend way too much time on Facebook. Whether it’s looking at memes, videos, photos or sharing hilarious jokes with my friends in our private group (I know, we’re cool like that), I cannot seem to get enough of Facebook.

And when I’m bored of Facebook? I’m still on Facebook.

2. ASOS –
Another unhealthy addiction and more time wasted. It’s another site I can’t get enough of. I can spend hours upon hours trolling through all their products, only to not buy anything.

3. Google –
I Google everything, I mean everything. I am one of those people that diagnose illnesses by searching my symptoms on Google. Google is my saviour.
Stef + Google = BFFL

4. eBay –
eBay is the place to go when you need phone covers, cords, bags and so much more! You can find anything at a good price and it gets delivered to your door. What more could you want?

5. YouTube –
I’m obsessed with ‘Primark haul’ videos. I am also subscribed to cutepolish who does amazing nail art tutorials. I love to check out the weird, funny videos including this one:

6. Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling –
Who doesn’t love a bit of Ryan Gosling? Or a lot of Ryan Gosling…

Yes, I would still make out with you.

7. The Beauty Department –
I have learnt a lot from this website. I always refer to it when I want to learn a new hairstyle or a new make up tip. They have step-by-step instructions and always have recommendations on products.

8. Sportsgirl –
Sportsgirl is one of my favourite stores! Their accessories are amazing and I recently purchased a sleeveless leather vest from there. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen so in love with an item of clothing before.

9. Buzz Feed –
Probably the funniest site I have been on. It offers more then just laughs, like news. I’m mostly on it for the giggles.

And finally!

10. Market HQ –

I love this website! Loads of awesome clothes online and at a good price. I love so many of the labels they sell. Great customer service too.

Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo

The day I purchased dry shampoo, my friends wept at the loss of the tiny glimmer of hope that my hair maintenance would increase.

I’m not a grot but I finding washing my hair a real chore. There’s always that two seconds before I hop into the shower where I think “fuck it, I’m not washing my hair today”.

I hold the record in my friendship group for going the longest time without washing my hair. Nine days. That’s kind of gross – sorry not sorry. My hairdresser does always say that it’s good for the natural oils to run through my hair. I definitely think I take that to an extreme…

Anyway! Dry shampoo has been my absolute saviour. The best and worst thing that could happen to me I’d say. I used to have really long hair, it caught on fire and now it’s between medium and long.

It sounds bizarre, like it only happens in commercials or movies. My hair seriously did catch on fire and (because I was wearing hair spray) it did end badly… for my hair. I was fine minus the minor burn to my back. Alicia Keys’ song ‘That Girl Is On Fire’ comes to mind, and so does Cosmo Kramer.

I find that now that my hair is significantly shorter, it doesn’t last long without needing a wash. Something I don’t think I will ever accept. So dry shampoo to the rescue!

Batiste Dry Shampoo works wonders for me and is really affordable. I also have dark brown hair – bordering black, so I find Batiste has products available that don’t show in my hair. It also helps when I’m styling my hair too. The dry shampoo helps to create more texture in my hair.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Medium and Brunette

I use the Batiste product in the leopard print bottle.

Fancy nails – Are you fancy, huh?

Nail art has been hugely popular in the last year and so many people are getting on that bandwagon. I am one of these people. I love the idea of having fancy nails, pictures, glitter, and basically a whole lot of jazz.

Although, I do have to say, when it comes to actual talent in nail art, I’ve got none. I can paint within the lines and on both hands steadily. I cannot for the life of me, draw pictures or use two colours on one nail. I somehow always manage to screw it up.

I discovered that a lot of girls were getting into the idea of having an accent nail. An accent nail is normally your ring finger on each hand being painted with a glitter polish, whilst the rest of your fingers are painted with a standard colour that coordinates with the glitter polish.

I love this look! It’s clean and gives your nails that special touch. I thought that I’d go one step further though and do a reverse accent nail. I painted my nails with glitter polish and painted my “accent nails” with a standard polish.

Not sure if I’m 100% on it! Let me know your opinion!

Base coat: Revlon Colorstay Base Coat
Glitter polish: Sportsgirl Rose Gold
Colour polish: Sportsgirl Taupe
Top coat: O.P.I Top Coat

Review: Revlon ColorStay Base Coat

I had been missing a good base coat from my ever-expanding nail polish collection for quite some time. I decided on a lunch break at work to check out Priceline and get one. Little did I know I would find a great base coat!

I wasn’t aware of the benefits of using a base coat until I started watching a lot of DIY manicure videos on YouTube. The base coat protects your nails from going yellow. It also helps the nail polish stay on longer.

My favourite nail art channel is called cutepolish, here is the link if you want to check out some great designs!

For instance, when I apply black nail polish without a base coat it chips within the first 24 hours. With a base coat it will last up to four or five days without chipping.

I’d previously had an O.P.I base coat that I loved and lost. This time around I bought Revlon ColorStay Base Coat.

I love Revlon’s ColorStay range! The colours are amazing and as I found out, the base coat worked wonders.

The price isn’t too steep and it’s accessible to everyone. I really would recommend giving this base coat a go!

I also couldn’t find a link from the Priceline website, however I did take a photo to show you what to look out for!

Let me know if you’ve tried this base coat, or if there’s any base coat you would recommend.